“This program has improved many different aspects of my life. It is something that I added into my everyday life. The fact that these program are about 35 minutes long and I can do them right from home is a huge reason for my success. I really can’t find an excuse not to do a workout. I have lost about 14 pounds since I started. I can watch my kids and exercise at the same time. Sometimes my kids will even join in on the fun! Overall, this is well worth it and I could not thank Mint Condition Fitness enough for the hard work they have put into this program to help someone like me do something I didn’t think I could.”  – Anonymous


“The first two weeks or so were the most difficult. I have always been active and gone to the gym but the Advanced Program is a different type of training that I have never done. The intensity was very high but the results were great. I can see my abs and veins in my arms for the first time in a long time! Once you get comfortable with the exercises, they change up. My body thanks Mint Condition Fitness.”  – Anonymous


“I loved this program! I started out in the Novice Program and have worked my way into the Intermediate program. The progressions, for me, were just about right. Two months went by fast! If I can stick to this program, anyone can! The Performance Tracker was my favorite aspect of this program. I could track my progress everyday! What an improvement from week 1 to week 8!”  – Anonymous


“My confidence has skyrocketed since taking part in this program. I have always been shy and not really wanting to go to a crowded gym. This program has helped me overcome that fear. I have since joined a gym and do the workouts there!”  – Anonymous


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