Bridal Party Package (coming soon)

Getting married or know someone who is? The Bridal Party Package could be exactly what you need! This package includes a customized workout plan and can include a Food Suggestion Guide which can help you create your own meal plan.

What better way to hold each other accountable than doing it together!


How it works: 

We will have you fill out a questionnaire which will help us customize the right plan for you! This questionnaire will include a number of different fitness topics.

We can make up to two different workout plans depending everyone’s level of exercise.


Program Features:

8, 10, or 12 week Programs

3 days a week High Intensity Training

2 days a week Resistance Training (weights or resistance bands)

1 day a week Stretching

We will create video’s and upload them specifically for you.

(extra) Food Suggestion Guide: This is not a meal plan. It is a list of healthy food choices that you can piece together to make a meal plan. Recipes are included for most.

Prices will vary depending on each program. We will have an exact dollar amount before we start.


Keep in mind, this will take us roughly 30 days to complete. 


 For more information: [email protected]