Our Story


I started Mint Condition Fitness in the summer of 2015. I would go down to local fields and train friends and family. It started off as mostly personal training and then shortly grew into group training. At the time I was going through school at Salem State University and working part time at Labell Physical Therapy. I worked for Labell PT for three years and credit a lot of my knowledge to the time spent there.

While I was in school I was also playing Ice Hockey which I had done my entire life. I was trying to balance school, sports, work, and Mint Condition. I had always been one to take on new adventures and seek new opportunities. During my senior year I started to work with an AAU basketball organization called Evolution Basketball where I would work with anywhere from 50-100 kids a few days a week. I strongly believe that all youth athletes should be participating in an exercise program. Not only will this help them become stronger and outperform their opponents, but it will also educate them on how to execute proper movements at a younger age (resulting in less injury). Just like building a house, start with the foundation and work your way up. Why should exercise training be any different if the correct protocols are met?

I decided to partner up with my fiance, Jess, because I know that if I want to be successful I need to surround myself with people who are driven, self-motivated, and smarter than me. She has everything needed to help get this new program off the ground.  



I joined Alex in creating Mint Condition Fitness when he decided to turn his team training into something bigger.  I was honored when he asked me, because it was something that he worked hard at and I knew it was going to be even better than it already was. It is clear and evident the passion Alex has for this program and to be able to share our passion and success is more than I could ever ask for.  I knew going into it, it was going to be a big responsibility to make our own successful workout company; however, I knew we could do it. In life and with fitness we make a great team. I would not choose anyone else to work with and succeed in both business and life.

I recently graduated from Salem State University where I spent all four years on the softball team, three of which I was captain.  Playing on an all-boy baseball team, to becoming successful in softball showed me the important qualities of not only sports specifically, but also the importance of staying healthy.  I am happy to be able to share my experience and success to you all in finding your means of being healthy and strong.



We met in the summer of 2012. Three and a half years later we got engaged to be married. We have both always been extremely active. Participating in sports is something that we both have done since we were kids. We both played college sports and are extremely passionate about everything we do. One of many things that we have in common is our drive and competitiveness. We push each other everyday to be the best that we can; this is one of the reasons we make such a great team. Join us and the others who have found success already to become strong and healthy!

We decided to partner up on this At Home Program a few months before we started it.  What started the whole process for us was when we both got full time jobs. We were having a hard time consistently exercising and knew the importance of it. We decided to create At Home Programs that are roughly 35-40 minutes long. The best way to find out if something works is to do it yourself and that’s exactly what we did. The results after two months of our program were more than we could have imagine. We started a lifestyle change which has carried over into our lives even after the program had finished. We don’t believe in the word diet because they are temporary. In order to make sustainable changes, realistic measures need to take place.

Unlike most organizations, we really do care about the health and well being of others. We have written down and given you the opportunity to change your life. The ball is in your court, now you need to do it!