Mint Condition Fitness has designed programs to make exercising easy and fun. We understand the struggle of a busy schedule which is why we have creatively designed exercise programs for even the busiest of people. We have thought about most reasons as to why people cannot exercise and designed a way for them to do it.

The best part about all of our workouts is you can do them anywhere you want. Just because they are “At Home Workout” doesn’t mean you can’t do them anywhere outside of your home! Travel a lot? No problem. These exercises can be done right in your hotel room! A small space is all you need! Have a phone with internet? Pull us on right from your phone. Take us on the go! 

Each program is designed specifically for your level of exercise. If you are someone who has never exercised before, you and someone who exercises every day will both be able to find a program which will help enhance your overall fitness. You can also go at your own pace! Although there will be a running timer, you have the ability to speed up or slow down the exercises you are performing!

A really unique feature that we have added is the Placement Test. After submitting answers to a series of short multiple choice questions, a suggested program will pop up. We recommend reading the descriptions of each program before starting.

The Kick Start programs are made to become progressively harder every two weeks. Although the exercises, for the most part, will remain constant for two weeks, the order of exercises will change, yielding greater results. We want you to become very familiar with these exercises. Once your body starts to get used to the movements, we will change it up!

At the end of each exercise session we have added a Performance Tracker or As Fast As Possible section so you can track your progress throughout the 8 weeks. This will give you an opportunity to see how you have improved. Please keep track of this on your own. We are currently developing a method to be tracked online.


M.I.N.T Program:

Our Kick Start Programs will be a requirement before jumping into our M.I.N.T Program. We do not have any modified videos for this program. HOWEVER, because you are coming out of one of our Kick Start Programs, you will be able to recognize workouts and modify them as you feel necessary.


We are extremely excited for you to get started! However there is one thing to keep in mind. These programs are not easy. These programs are meant to challenge you mentally and physically. We know that you can get through it and when you do, you will be a better person for it. We want you to get everything you possibly can out of it. We are not a program that is solely based on sales. Because we are also apart of the everyday working class, we use this platform to share our knowledge with you to make this world a better place.

Something to keep in mind: Although these programs are “At Home,” don’t limit yourself to just the house. If you want to take these to the gym, go for it! On the Band Days, you can preform the same exercises but just with weights. If your gym has a cable machine, that is probably the best place for these workouts to be done.





Now Online!! 

Live Zoom Workouts twice a week
M.I.N.T Program (4 month Program)
Individual/Single workouts

– upper body

– lower body

– full body

– AB Workouts