Before and After

Welcome to Alex’s Journey! I took pictures each week and the results are pretty cool!


Lets get one thing straight before you look at these pictures. I worked really hard to get to where I am now. In order to get what you want, you will need to put in the work! A combination of exercise and making better food choices lead to not only my physical change but a whole new mentality. The best part of this journey is how proud of myself that I am.

The reason we show these images below is because we want people to know that we are just like you. We are normal people who decided to make a change. A physical and mental change.

Go into this new journey with an open mind. There is more than one way to see results. If you don’t visibly see them with your eyes, you can also see a change in attitude. Exercise is proven to help with stress, anxiety, and depression. Don’t get discouraged if the eye test isn’t working right away. Keep chipping away and we will get through this together.

Get a friend to do this with you. By doing it together, you can push each other to become better. We are all different people striving for the same common goal. To live the healthiest life we can. 

Good Luck!


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Week 1 (Kick Start Advanced Program) January 2, 2018 (206 lbs) 


Week 2 (Kick Start Advanced Program)










Week 3 (Kick Start Advanced Program)

Week 4 (Kick Start Advanced Program)

Week 5 (Kick Start Advanced Program)

Week 6 (Kick Start Advanced Program)

Week 7 (Kick Start Advanced Program)

Week 8 (Kick Start Advanced Program) March 2, 2018 (174 lbs) 


Week 16 (Mint Condition Program) June 20, 2018 (168 lbs) 


With a combination of exercise and eating healthy, you can reach your goals! You’ll soon make it a lifestyle!